tragic’s SFV: Ed Reference Guide (AE)

Welcome to the Ed Reference Guide for Street Fighter V. The goal is to create a simple reference point that helps you refine your game and teach you something new. It isn’t meant to be an end-all “how-to-play” guide for Ed, but more so “things you can do!”

Disclaimer #1: This doc is a constant WIP. There will probably be errors and definitely be lots of things missing (or intentionally left out). If you spot a problem or you feel something should be included, drop me a line. Thanks!

Disclaimer #2: Damage and Frame Data may be slightly off for a few days after Arcade Edition comes out due to the update. Feel free to contact me with anything out of the ordinary. I’m going to go through the entire list (during the reorganization effort) and adjust any numbers that need it.

For feedback or contributions, contact: tragic



  • 01.22.18: Updated Optimal VT2 Extension, Added vs Abigail Big Body 50/50 Reset w/ Video!
  • 01.21.18: Added Setups Section
  • 01.21.18: Added Resets Section w/ Videos
  • 01.20.18: Started Hit-Confirms section
  • 01.20.18: Removed Special Case Combos, added CC combos and VT Activations
  • 01.19.18: Updated Core Combo List (B&B) & Special Case Combo List



  • Setup Companion Videos
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[HP]: Psycho Knuckle (Hold HP)
VS: Snatcher / V-Skill (MP+MK)
d+VS: Air Snatcher / Upwards V-Skill (d+MP+MK)
VS (H) / d+VS (H): Snatcher “HOLD” Variants
VT1 / VT2: V-Trigger 1 or V-Trigger 2 (HP+HK)
VT (#): Denotes how many hits of Psycho Cannon hits (eg. VT (2) means Psycho Cannon hits 2 times)
VT2(A): V-Trigger 2 ACTIVATION
VT2(S): V-Trigger 2 SNATCHER
CH: Counter Hit
CC: Crush Counter


Note: While there are plenty of combos w/ a handful of variants, this section is meant to be a quick reference for all your basic combo needs. You’ll find all or parts of these combos in the COMBO COMPENDIUM, so I’ve kept only the most basic stuff here to serve as a starting place. Get these combos down 100% of the time and you’ll have a strong foundation to do many of the other variants.

: Old Reliable (Difficulty: 1 / 5) :
j.HP, MP, c.HP > KK-P (293 dmg / 490 stun)
j.HP, MP, c.HP > KK-PP (EX), d+VS (349 dmg / 565 stun)

: The “Ed Corner Combo” (Difficulty 1.5 / 5) :
j.HP, MP, c.HP > f+MP-MP, c.MK > PP (DP) (346 dmg / 568 stun)
Note: Doesn’t work vs Alex. VS Alex, use:
j.HP, c.HP > f+MP-MP, LP > KK-P (317 dmg / 530 stun)
j.HP, MP, c.HP > f+MP(delay)-LP, c.MK > PP (DP) (346 dmg / 568 stun)

: Easy Super Confirm (Difficulty 1.5 / 5) :
MP, c.MK > PP (DP) > SUPER (416 dmg / 310 stun)

: EX Psycho Shot Conversions (Difficulty: 2.5 / 5) :
Note: This section deserves special mention because it is the same ender for 3 different starters. You have your choice between [HP] or dash, d+VS to end, but it is important to note that [HP] is a 100% consistent alternative to finishing with dash, d+VS, which sometimes whiffs. You don’t get the hard knockdown, but there are other follow-ups available. Does same damage.
[HP], f+MP-PP (EX), [HP] (295 dmg / 532 stun)
VS (H), f+MP-PP (EX), [HP] (315 dmg / 332 stun)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP-PP (EX), [HP] (303 dmg / 512 stun)

: Charge V-Skill Basics (Difficulty: 0.5 to 1.5 / 5) :
Note: There are often times you are throwing out a VS (H) against an opponent and they get hit by it. Knowing how to convert it into damage (or hard knockdown) is very important.
VS (H)KK-P (221 dmg / 170 stun)
VS (H)uf.MP, d+VS (263 dmg / 210 stun)

VS (H)f+MP-PP (EX), d+VS or [HP] (315 dmg / 297-332 stun)

: c.MK > Flicker Option (Difficulty * / 5) :
c.MK > Flicker (122 dmg / 235 stun | 394 / 235 w/ SUPER)
Note: This option isn’t about damage. It’s more so to make sure you can poke into a “safe” option (-3 and pushback) which also allows you to confirm into SUPER. Difficulty really depends on your execution ability. Some people prefer the “Piano” method for getting Flicker out, others prefer “Slide” (sliding 1 finger left/right/left). Up to you to choose, but having c.MK > Flicker in your arsenal is incredibly important.

: (VT1) Standard Psycho Ball Extension (Difficulty 3 / 5) :
j.HP, MP, c.HP > VT1, VT(2), dash, c.HP, VT(2), c.LK (whiff), VT(1), d+VS (H), PP (DP) (340 dmg / 546 stun | 505 / 546 w/ SUPER)
Note: After dashing, Psycho Ball should hit 2x before c.HP keeps them in hitstun for it to hit 2x more. Using the c.LK (whiff) will give you perfect timing for the d+VS (H). The only tricky part left is PP (DP) > SUPER. Just keep in mind that sometimes the d+VS (H) will send them behind so you will need to do the SUPER in the opposite direction. Use dash, c.MP instead if you are having trouble with the timing after c.HP.

: (VT1) Optional Psycho Ball – Snatch Ender (Difficulty 2.5 / 5) :
j.HP, MP, c.HP > VT1, VT(2), dash, c.MP, VT(3), uf.MP, d+VS (H) (328 dmg / 526 stun | 493 / 526 w/ SUPER)
Note: This combo is meant to end with the hard knockdown of d+VS (H) for additional setups.The only really tricky part is making sure you perform uf.MP while falling so you have enough time to connect a d+VS (H).You can also use dash, c.HP for slightly more damage and stun, but it makes the timing trickier.

: (VT2) Standard Extension(s) (Difficulty 2.0 / 5) :
j.HP, MP, MK > VT2(A), c.HP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP (DP) (315 dmg / 495 stun | 480 / 495 w/ SUPER)
j.HP, MP, MK > VT2(A), c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP (DP) (312 dmg / 493 stun | 477 / 493 w/ SUPER)
Note: It is not worth the second use of VT2(S) (d+VT2(S) after the PP). The combo will do the same damage, and you’ll be left with about 3 seconds remaining on your V-Meter. Also, I’ve listed both the “optimal” version of the combo that does not include the f+MP-MP filler. It actually does 3 more damage and 2 more stun (WORTH IT!!!).

: (VT2) Pre-Activated VT2 “Generic” Combo (Difficulty 2 / 5) :
VT2(A), j.HP, MP, c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP (DP) > d+VT2(S) (395 dmg / 623 stun | 547 / 623 w/ SUPER)
Note: Depending on the scenario, it may not be worth performing the second activation of VT2(S) (d+VT2(S) after the PP), especially if you are going to use SUPER. If you started full, you’ll be left with about 3 seconds remaining on your V-Meter. If you omit the d+VT2(S), the basic combo does 375 dmg / 593 stun and the entire combo with SUPER will do 538 dmg / 593 stun.


 This section has been separated out for easy access. Knowing how to capitalize on your Crush Counters is incredibly important so we’ve highlighted the most standard solutions. There are many other variants with higher difficulty but these basics will give you a great place to start off (and a damage/stun reference).

: Basic CC HK Follow-Up (Difficulty 1.5 / 5) :
CC HK, dash, LP > KK-P (212 dmg / 393 stun)
CC HK, dash, LP > KK-PP (EX(279 dmg / 483 stun)

: Advanced CC HK Follow-Up (Difficulty 3 / 5) :
CC HK, walk forward, c.HP > KK-P (266 dmg / 465 stun |  333 / 555 w/ … KK-PP (EX), d+VS)
CC HK, walk forward, c.HP > PP (DP) > SUPER (488 dmg / 435 stun)
Note: For when you get a semi-close Crush Counter opportunity (BACKDASH RANGE or CLOSER)

: Basic CC c.HP Follow-Up (Difficulty 2.5 / 5) :
CC c.HP, [HP], Flicker (224 dmg / 480 stun)
CC c.HP, [HP], Flicker > SUPER (500 dmg / 480 stun)

: “Safe” CC c.HP > f+MP Fishing Options :
Note: When fishing for a CC c.HP, you typically use f+MP to make it “safe” (-2 on Spark block as opposed to -5 on c.HP block). Assuming you get the crush, the f+MP will whiff and still allow follow-ups.
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), KK-P (209 dmg / 350 stun)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP-PP (EX), [HP] (303 dmg / 512 stun | 303 / 477 w/ dash, d+VS) ([HP] more consistent)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), PP > SUPER (462 dmg / 315 stun)

CC c.HP, [HP], Flicker (224 dmg / 480 stun)


 If you ever get your opponent in the corner (which is often with Ed), you need to know how to capitalize when you score the hit. Here are some standard options depending on the scenario.

: The “Ed Corner Combo” (Difficulty 1.5 / 5) (CORE COMBO) :
j.HP, MP, c.HP > f+MP-MP, c.MK > PP (DP) (346 dmg / 568 stun  | 511 / 568 w/ SUPER)
Note: Doesn’t work vs Alex. VS Alex, use:
j.HP, c.HP > f+MP-MP, LP > KK-P (317 dmg / 530 stun)
j.HP, MP, c.HP > f+MP(delay)-LP, c.MK > PP (DP) (346 dmg / 568 stun)

: CORNER CC HK to Modified “Ed Corner Combo” :
CC HK, microwalk, c.HP > f+MP(delay)-LP, c.MK > PP (DP) (332 dmg / 563 stun | 497 / 563 w/ SUPER)
This combo only works is you are within backdash range or closer.

: CORNER CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff) | “Safe” Crush Fishing :
Note: When hitting with CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff) in corner, different options are available. It’s important to note that there are higher damaging combos if you don’t perform the f+MP (whiff), but the point of always adding it is to keep the c.HP safer when blocked.
corner CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP, d+VS (233 dmg / 372 stun)
corner CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), (microstep back), f+MP-PP (EX), d+VS (303 dmg / 477 stun) (331 / 512 w/ PPP(EX)) ([HP] possible)
Note: Dozens of corner combo options ranging from easy to challenging. The first combo is reliable in almost every situation. If you want to spend meter, you can omit the d+VS and PPP (EX) instead for 265 dmg / 412 stun. In both cases, you may have slightly more consistency with a microstep backwards before the f+MP.

: CORNER “Guaranteed” CC c.HP Options :
Note: If you are guaranteed a CC c.HP in the corner (enemy missed an easy CC punish), you don’t need to perform the f+MP (whiff) to make it safe. Because of this, you can do more interesting combos. There are TONS of other options in this scenario and they will be listed in the COMBO COMPENDIUM. These are the the most standard.
enemy in corner: CC c.HP, d+VS (H), PP (DP) (260 dmg / 390 stun | 491 / 390 w/ SUPER) (will knock enemy out of corner)
enemy in corner: CC c.HP, d+VS (H), f+M-PP (EX), [HP] (350 dmg / 559 stun)

: CORNER Post-Dizzy Switch-Unders :
This combo does less damage than the Core Corner Combo, but leaves you with a d+VS (H) which allows for frame-kill meaty setups. The second combo is more stylish w/ a video. Eventually this section will be updated with a video for the first combo.
back to corner: VS (H), dash under, f+M-PP (EX), d+VS (H) (301 dmg / 262 stun385 dmg / 382 stun w/ PPP (EX))

back to corner:
VS (H), dash under, f+M-PP (EX), d+VS (H), VT1, backdash, c.LK (whiff), [HP] (+70 dmg / +120 stun)


Hit-Confirms are a very strong part of Ed’s game. The goal is to put pressure on the opponent with an attack which links into another attack on hit. If it hits, you continue the combo into the follow-up of your choice (depending on the hit-confirm).

: CH c.LP & CH c.MP (Difficulty 1.5 / 5) :
Note: This sequence (either starter) is THE staple Ed hit-confirm. If the first hit (c.LP or c.MP) is a counter-hit, the entire sequence is a true combo. However, if the first hit is blocked, the follow-ups also work as a frame trap if the opponent tries to press a LP or LK after blocking. This is because c.LP and c.MP are +3 on block and if the opponent tries a light attack, it would “trade” (hit on same frame) as the follow-up MP. However, because of the priority system, Mediums beat Lights, so your MP wins and you can combo with c.MK and finish with the follow-up of your choice.
CH c.LP or CH c.MP, MP, c.MK > Flicker (186-222 dmg / 359-395 stun | 390-426 / 359-395 w/ SUPER)
CH c.LP or CH c.MP, MP, c.MK > PP (200-236 dmg / 359-395 stun | 398-434 / 359-395 w/ SUPER)
You can also follow the blocked c.LP or c.MP with a throw which can’t be interrupted with a normal.

: Close MP Traps – First or Second Hit Connect :
Note: Much like c.LP and c.MP, Ed’s MP is also +3 on block. However, MP is also +9 on hit allowing MP, MP to combo on both hit AND counter-hit. Since it is also a frame trap, this sequence is exceptionally good if you are in the right range.
MP (BL/HIT/CH), MP, MK (123-182 dmg / 190-290 stun)
MP (BL/HIT/CH), MP, MK > f+VT1, dash, HK, PP (DP) or d+VS (259-290 dmg / 409-464 stun) (SUPER: 429-455 / 409-464)
MP (BL/HIT/CH), MP > VT2, c.MK > PP (DP) (167-206 dmg / 280-354 stun)
Note: Damage depends on if first hit is blocked, hit, or ch, and if second hit is hit or counter-hit. Showing min and max.

: Close c.MP (HIT or CH) Conversion Option (Difficulty 1.5 / 5) :
Note: Using c.MP as a meaty or even point-blank pressure will often result in a hit or counter-hit. Knowing how to convert into damage is very important.)
c.MP (HIT/CH), LP > Flicker (151-163 dmg / 283-303 stun) (SUPER: 389-401 / 283-303)
c.MP (HIT/CH), LP > KK-P (176-188 dmg / 313-333 stun243-255 / 403-423 w/ … KK-PP (EX), d+VS)

: Counter-Hit MP Follow-Ups (Difficulty * / 5):
Note: When using Ed’s other hit-confirms and frame traps, knowing the possible follow-ups to a CH MP is very useful. Here are a few standard options. Difficulty depends on the option, but neither are particularly difficult.
CH MP, c.HK (153 dmg / 225 stun)
CH MP, HP > SUPER (425 dmg / 225 stun)


Note: A considerable part of Ed’s game is the way he can apply pressure after a combo or knockdown due to the fact that he has ways to cover multiple Recovery (“Tech”) options. Knowing how to gain and maintain advantage as well as forcing mistakes is one of the many keys of success.

: Corner Psycho Upper to Psycho Shot Trap :
This is Ed’s primary “universal” pressure option in the corner. After a corner PP (DP), Ed can easily cover all three Recovery options with a simple sequence. The goal is to wait and see if the f+MP hits. It doesn’t matter if it is a normal HIT or CH, because you follow with a LP Psycho Shot. If the Psycho Shot hits, you follow with LP > Flicker for a true combo.

However, if the initial f+MP is blocked, you have the advantage against either Recovery option, and can follow with more pressure. If the opponent doesn’t Recover at all. you can frame kill into a meaty stand HK which is “safe” (only -2) which also has new follow-ups on HIT or CH.

SETUP: PP (DP) in corner, dash, f+MP …. (look for hit. on hit, follow with LP shot, link LP > Flicker)
 – VS Neutral Recovery: -1 BLK +2 HIT, +4 CH
 – VS Back Recovery: +4 BLK, +7 HIT, +9 CH
– VS No Recovery: c.MP (whiff), stand HK … -2 BLK, +4 HIT, +22 CH (dash, MP possible)

: Corner Front Throw Follow-Ups :
Note: In SFV:AE, Ed lost considerable advantage after his forward throw. This reduces his corner pressure post f-throw, but it hasn’t entirely removed it.

SETUP: front throw into corner (opponent Recover): walk up, MP … +3 BLK, +9 HIT, +11 CH
Since you have to walk forward, you can’t guarantee the follow-up on BLK, HIT, or CH due to slightly different ranges except for a few cases. If you recognize the CH, both stand HP (into SUPER) and c.HK (Sweep) will combo.

SETUP: front throw into corner (opponent Recover): HK … -4 BLK, +2 HIT, +20 CH (normal HK values)
This easily stuffs any normal attack because the opponent stands up into the first attack frame. Unfortunately, that means that HK is still -4 on BLK. However, if you have VT2, you can cancel to make it +/- 0 (EVEN), with new options available on HIT or CH.

HITVT2 > c.MP > PP (DP) is a simple follow-up. You can also c.MP > Flicker, OR simply just do raw Flicker.
: Normal corner CC HK combos are available here. If you have VT2, you can CC HK > VT2 and then dash, MP, c.HP… and finish with the combo of your choice. NICE!

: Corner Back Throw Follow-Ups :
Note: In SFV:AE, Ed’s back throw was unchanged so all previous options still work.

SETUP: back into corner (opponent Recover): MK … +4 BLK, +6 HIT, +8 CH

When done correctly, the MK will hit meaty and instead of being +2, it will be +4 on block which allows MP and c.MP follow-ups (which can’t be interrupted by light attacks).

BLOCK: If the opponent presses a button after blocking meaty MK, your MP will interrupt (CH). However, Ed will be too far back to capitalize outside of microstep MK which also cancels well into f+VT.
: On hit, you can combo MK into MP but the follow-ups are slim without either VT. With SUPER, you can definitely link c.MP > SUPER with a bit of execution skill. With VT1, you can cancel the MP into a combo follow-up, and with VT2(A) you can c.HK to trip the opponent. You can also microstep c.MK > PP (DP) using the VT2(A) cancel if you are confident.
: On CH, you can actually combo c.HP into new options. c.HP > KK-P works well, but if you want to be a bit more safe, opt for c.HP > f+MP-LP, LP > Flicker. That way, if you miss, you won’t open yourself up!

SETUP: back into corner (opponent Recover): c.HP > f+MP… -2 BLK, +1 HIT, *** CH (see NOTE)

After the back throw, if you perform c.HP with perfect timing, it won’t actually Crush Counter because it hits on the later frames (which don’t activate CC). Because of that, following with f+MP is the safest choice because you can combo after both HIT or CH with the f+MP follow-up. If you hit normally, you’ll be +4 and can link LP > Flicker. If your timing is off (intentionally or not) and you get the CH (Crush Counter), your f+MP will whiff and you can perform standard CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff) options. Win/Win! On block, this option will be -2 and you can decide to PP (EX) for the +8 follow-up or simply block for yourself.

: d+VS (H) > Knuckle Whiff > f+MP Meaty :
Note: When the enemy is grabbed by a d+VS (H) (Heavy Air Snatcher), it is considered a “Hard Knockdown” which means they cannot use a Recovery option and are forced to get up at the slowest possible speed. This allows Ed to frame kill and then apply the meatiest possible option to skew the frame data in his favor. It’s very important to note that the advantage changes depending on how high you hit with the d+VS (H) so it requires certain setups to guarantee a specific advantage.

SETUP: most combos into VT1, uf.MP, d+VS (H), KNOCKDOWN, [HP] (whiff), f+MP… (up to +5 on BLK)
SETUP: CC c.HPVT2(A), uf.MP, d+VS (H), KNOCKDOWN, [HP] (whiff), f+MP…
back to corner: VS (H), dash under, f+M-PP (EX), d+VS (H), KNOCKDOWN, [HP] (whiff), f+MP…
VS (H), d+VS (H)
, KNOCKDOWN, [HP] (whiff), f+MP... (Abi/Rog)
enemy in corner: VS (H), d+VS (H), f+M-PP (EX), d+VS (H), KNOCKDOWN, [HP] (whiff), f+MP...  (Abi/Rog)

If done correctly, these setups will be minimum: +3 BLK, +6 HIT, +8 CH
BLOCK: On block, following with MP or c.MP will beat any light attack of your opponent. MP is a good option because you can easily confirm into c.MK > PP (DP).
: On hit, you can easily c.MP into PP (DP). You can combo VT1 via MP, MK > VT1(A) as well as combo VT2(A) with MP, MK > VT2(A), c.MK > PP (DP).
: If CH, you can actually combo into c.MK > PP (DP) directly, but more importantly, you can combo c.HP into the follow-up of your choice!

: V-Skill or c.HK (Recovery) Follow-ups :
In AE, V-Skill cannot be Back Recovered so Ed is always +19. After a c.HK, if opponent’s Normal Recovery, Ed is also +19 (though sometimes opponents Back Recover, which is +24). This setup is more for V-Skill but if you notice your opponent has a habit of Normal Recovery after being swept, keep this in mind.

SETUP: VS or c.HK (Neutral Tech): dash c.MP, MP…

If the opponent presses a button after VS or Neutral Teching a c.HK, dash into c.MP will CH and easily link into stand MP, c.MK > PP (DP). On block, you are completely safe. Again, this is mostly for VS because the opponent can choose to Back Recover or not use Recovery at all after a c.HK.


Note: This section is meant to be a super-quick reference for safe ways to activate your V-Triggers. They aren’t meant to be max damage combos, but more-so ways to get your VT out there in high-stress situations. How you apply the VT (be it VT1 or VT2) is another matter! Full VT Combos will be listed in a later section.

: (VT1) MK > f+VT1… (Difficulty: 1.5 / 5) :
Note: When fishing for far MK to f+VT1 activation into a consistent follow-up. MP, MK > f+VT1 works exceptionally well too. Even better, it also follows CH c.LP and CH c.MP though you don’t get a huge damage increase. There are many variants which lead to different follow-ups and even more damage, but this one works 100% of the time, so keep it in mind just in case.
MK > f+VT1, dash, d+VS (H), PP (DP) (252 dmg / 360 stun | 417 / 360 w/ SUPER)
P, MK > f+VT1, dash, d+VS (H), PP (DP) (263 dmg / 390 stun | 428 / 390 w/ SUPER)

: (VT2) MK > VT2, c.MK…  (Difficulty: 1.5 / 5) :
Note: Similar to MK > VT1, this activation will hit from almost any range of stand MK except maximum distance. It is a great way to get a knockdown while maintaining full VT2 (all 3 Ultra Snatchers remaining). It’s not recommended to use an Ultra Snatcher in this combo due to huge scaling.
MK > VT2(A), c.MK > PP (DP) (165 dmg / 260 stun)
MP, MK > VT2(A), c.MK > PP (DP) (203 dmg / 325 stun)

: (VT2) HK > VT2…  (Difficulty: 0.5 to 2.5 / 5) :
Note: HK > VT2(A) is great for a few reasons. First, if it is blocked, it is completely safe (+/- 0). If it hits, it is +6. If it scores a Crush Counter, it is +24 (WOW!). This means you can actually dash up and perform a stronger combo before the knockdown. It still suffers from VT activation scaling penalty, but the HK > VT2(A) cancel is a great triple-threat option!). It is not recommended to follow any of these with SUPER unless you can kill. Below are some pretty standard follow-ups.
HK > VT2(A), Flicker (136 dmg / 255 stun) (LOW DMG, works at basically any range)

HK > VT2, c.MK > PP (DP) (202 dmg / 355 stun) (BACKDASH RANGE OR CLOSER)
CC HK > VT2, dash, MP, c.HP > KK-P (245 dmg / 430 stun | 279 / 475 w/ … KKPP (EX), d+VS)



: (VT1) CC c.HP > f+MP Party Starter :
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), VT (1), uf.HP, dash under, (reset), (VT 4), backdash, d+VS (H), PP (DP) (408 total / 621 stun
> f+MP (whiff), VT (1), uf.LK, walk under, (reset), MP, c.HP > KK-P (376 dmg / 628 stun | 443 total / 718 stun w/ KK-PP (EX), d+VS)
Note: In above reset, depending on distance of CC c.HP, and height of uf.LK, VT1 may hit 1-2 times or can whiff. Does not affect combo but will add damage and stun.

: (VT1) “Old Reliable” Resets :
MP, c.HP > KK-PP (EX), VT1 (1) , d+VS (H), dash 3x, HK (corpse hop/reset), VT (1-2), dash MP, c.HP > KK-P (512 dmg / 827 stun)
*** Above Sequence w/ METER: … end w/ KK-PP (EX), d+VS (565 dmg / 902 stun)
Note: Damage will vary slightly if VT hits only once (above damage is assuming it hits twice).

: (VT2) CC c.HP > f+MP  |or|  VS(H) Resets :
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), dash under, MK > VT2, dash under, (reset), MP, c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2, c.MP > PP > d+VT2 (534 dmg / 833 stun)
*** Above Sequence w/ SUPER (677 dmg / 833 stun)

VS (H), dash under, c.HP > VT2, dash under, (reset), MP, c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2, c.MP > PP > d+VT2 (564 dmg / 698 stun)

: vs ABIGAIL: (VT1) Big Body 50/50 Options :
Note: Abigail cannot crouch Ed’s jump instant LK which allows him to perform some ruthless 50/50’s. Because of the instant nj.LK, the opponent has to guess between blocking high or low, and if they guess wrong, VT1 hits and allows solid follow-ups that can lead to 600-700 DMG.
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), dash under, c.HP > VT1, nj.LK OR c.LK/MK, (reset) (248 dmg / 170 stun … BASE
VS (H), d+VS (H), MK > VT1, nj.LK OR c.LK/MK, (reset)
…  (189 dmg / 315 stun … BASE)

Special Note: You CAN wait to see if they block high or low and still c.LK (if they stand) or uf.LK (if they crouch). If they stand, all original follow-ups are available. If they crouch, follow uf,LK with d+VS or Flicker > SUPER.


Note: This section is meant to be a collection of interesting tricks and quirks of Ed. Some are unique combos, others are unique setups, and some are simply a “did you know?!” Mastering the art of Ed’s subtleties should surely help you improve your game.

 VT2, f+MP-MP > VT2… trade!

This setup is interesting because Ed opponents will eventually know that f+MP-MP > VT2 is not a true blockstring. Depending on if they have a 3F or a 4F light, the setup is slightly different (ranged-based). Check it out… if nothing else, it looks cool!

point blank range, dash back once, microstep back, 
[HP], MP, c.HP …
If [HP] hits from too far or too close, you will be unable to follow-up with stand MP, c.HP (the opponent will pop-out because it hits too late). The best way to get perfect distance (specifically when opponent is dizzy), is to stand point blank and backdash once ***, then [HP].
WARNING: In AE, you must backdash and then microwalk back or a c.HP > KK will miss.

SETUP: enemy in corner, VS (H) or CC c.HP, microstep, c.HP > f+MP-P (reset – hits behind)
, LP…
After launching an opponent in the corner, it’s possible to make the second hit of f+MP-P cross-up which allows a follow-up combo. The timing is very strict and requires throwing out the fireball as the opponent lands on the ground.

, dash, dash, HK (corpse hop/reset)
A relatively straightforward corpse hop. It’s a decent option when you are fishing for a CC c.HK > VT activation and the c.HK actually Crush Counters your opponent. You can either try the corpse hop or neutral jump high/low as they wakeup.

SETUP: CC c.HK > VT1, dash, dash, neutral jump, falling HP or empty jump c.LK , (VT hits),
The alternative to the above trick, instead of attempting the corpse hop, simply dash twice after CC c.HK > VT activation and then neutral jump and come down with a HP/HK or empty jump and land with c.LK. Many other combo options available using this initial setup. See what you can come up with!

SETUP: [HP], f+MP-PP (EX), [HP], micro-step, [HP] (meaties both techs – out of jab/throw range on block)
When hitting a [HP] against an airborne opponent while they are low to the ground, it allows a very effective [HP] follow-up to hit meaty, cover both tech options, and recover farther away from the opponent than normal. However, even though it hits meaty, it still recovers -2. This setup works with many any combo that ends with a low-hitting [HP], but the one listed here is just the coolest (3x charge HP!)

SETUP: [HP], f+MP-HP (no EX), *, VS (H) (N.Tech: microstep, VS (H) | B.Tech: dash, VS (H)
After a successful [HP], follow-up with f+MP-HP and then pick a follow-up to cover the tech. This works well when you want to save meter and your opponent tends to always Tech a certain way after the Fireball knockdown.

SETUP: MP, c.HP > VT1 (2), dash, dash, LK, LP > KK-P, [HP]… (243 dmg
– adds pressure + reset options)
This setup sacrifices some damage for additional ground pressure. In this scenario, after point blank MP, c.HP > VT activation, the VT1 must only hit 2 times before the opponent is pushed out with the two dashes. You can then connect LK, LP > KK-P to take them to the ground, then charge [HP]
to cause them to make a split decision. If they don’t tech, you can stay in front or attempt a jump over. If they Neutral or Back Tech, the [HP] will go behind them while the remaining VT1 hits pressure them from behind.

SETUP: enemy in corner, point blank range, VS (H), walk back, LP, dash, (reset)
… (can end on either side)
A super-basic left/right mixup that can often be very ambiguous. After launching an enemy in the corner with VS (H) (usually when dizzy and the follow-up combo will not do much damage), walk backwards as the opponent falls, and hit with LP or LK, then immediately dash, MP, c.HP.

SETUP: VS (H), LK (or dash under, LK), (reset)
, MP, c.HP …
Similar to the Corner Ambiguous setup, you can do the same thing midscreen with a double dash under. Simply pull the opponent with VS (H), immediately dash under them, hit with LK, then dash back under and MP, c.HP. Again, best used when opponent is already dizzy and the resulting normal follow-up would be scaled too much.


Note: The combos below are not always max damage. However, they are listed because they are consistent with relatively low execution barrier for the damage. I will probably (eventually) list max damage/max difficulty options at the bottom of each section for comparison.

Update: This section is currently being redone for AE. Damage values with CC HK and especially VT1 will be off until it is complete. For now, it is being left up for reference. Eventually the goal is to just list as many Ed combos as possible so people can look for highest damage off a particular starter, or high stun, hard knockdowns, etc.

: CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff) | “Safe” Crush Fishing :
Note: When fishing for a CC c.HP, you typically use f+MP to make it “safe” (-2 on Spark block as opposed to -5 on c.HP block). Assuming you get the crush, the f+MP will whiff and still allow follow-ups. If you just want to CC c.HP, follow with [HP], Flicker (282 dmg).
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), KK-P (209 dmg / 350 stun)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP-PP (EX), [HP] (303 dmg / 512 stun | 303 / 477 w/ dash, d+VS) ([HP] more consistent)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), PP > SUPER (462 dmg / 315 stun)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), VT (1), uf.HP, dash under, (reset), (VT 4), backdash, d+VS (H), PP (DP) (408 total / 621 stun)

: CORNER CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff) | “Safe” Crush Fishing :
Note: When hitting with CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff) in corner, different options are available. It’s important to note that there are higher damaging combos if you don’t perform the f+MP (whiff), but the point of always adding it is to keep the c.HP safer when blocked.
corner CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), d+VS or KK-P (198-209 dmg / 315-350 stun) (BASE: For Comparison)
corner CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), neutral jump MP, d+VS (251 dmg / 390 stun) (very easy to miss – not recommended)
corner CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP, d+VS (233 dmg / 372 stun) (extremely easy – recommended)
corner CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP, PP (DP) (233 dmg / 372 stun | 265 / 412 w/ PPP (EX)) (… PP > SUPER: 464 / 372)
corner CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), (microstep back), f+MP-PP (EX), d+VS (303 dmg / 477 stun) (331 / 512 w/ PPP(EX)) ([HP] possible)

: CC HK Follow Ups – Distance Based :
CC HK, dash, LP > Flicker (199 dmg / 363 stun | 437 / 363 w/ SUPER) (ANY RANGE)
CC HK, dash, LP > KK-P (224 dmg / 393 stun | 291 / 483 w/ KK-PP (EX), d+VS) (INSIDE MAX RANGE – KK misses on max range CC HK)
CC HK, microstep c.MK > PP (DP) (233 dmg / 390 stun | 464 / 390 w/ SUPER | 500 / 390 w/ microstep c.HP…) (INSIDE BACKDASH RANGE)
CC HK, HK > f+VT1, d+VS (H), PP (DP)  (308 dmg / 515 stun) (BACKDASH RANGE or CLOSER)
CC HK, HK > f+VT1, j.MP, d+VS (H), PPP (EX) (337 dmg / 556 stun) (BACKDASH RANGE or CLOSER)
CC HK, HK > VT1, dash, c.MP, d+VS (H), PP (DP) (316 dmg / 534 stun | 481 / 534 w/ SUPER) (BACKDASH RANGE or CLOSER)
CC HK, HK > VT1, dash, dash, MP, c.HP > KK-P (299 dmg / 529 stun) (INSIDE BACKDASH RANGE) (use for Psycho Ball setups midscreen)

: c.LP Pressure BL/CH – Second Hit Connect :
Note: These combos work if the first hit is a CH, or the second hit connects on HIT or CH).They are excellent options when fishing for the second hit by establishing frame advantage with the first attack (c.LP +3 on BLOCK), and then following with a MP.
c.LP (BL/CH), MP, c.MK > PP (DP) (185-200 dmg / 310-359 stun) (… PP > SUPER398-428 / 330-359)
c.LP (BL/CH), MP, MK > f+VT1, dash, HK, d+VS or PP (DP) (256-305 dmg / 454-474 stun)

c.LP (BL/CH), MP, MK > VT1, dash, dash, MP, c.HP > KK-PP (EX), d+VS, uf.LK (whiff/reset), d+VS (423-456 total / 684-709 stun)
Note: In above reset, you can walk back, KK-PP (EX), d+VS for +62 dmg / + 95 stun)

: Close Punishes :
Note: For certain combos below, VT1 must hit a specific amount of times. VT (2) means it should hit 2 times before the next part of the sequence. If no number is listed, then the VT1 will typically hit for the full amount of times or the timing isn’t strict enough to matter.
MP, c.HP > KK-P (230 dmg / 385 stun) (BASE: For Comparison)
MP, c.HP > KK-PP (EX), d+VS (297 dmg / 475 stun) (+1, +67 dmg, +90 stun)
MP, c.HP > PP (DP) > SUPER (452 dmg / 355 stun)
MP, c.HP > VT1 (2), dash, c.HP, d+VS (H), PP (DP) (339 dmg / 531 stun | 504 / 531 w/ SUPER) (OPTIMAL w/ CONSISTENCY)
MP, c.HP > f+VT1, dash, c.HP > f+MP (whiff)PP (EX), *[HP] (351 dmg / 559 stun) (*d+VS can whiff, [HP] +20 stun no HARD KD)
MP, c.HP > VT1 (2), dash c.HP, c.LK (whiff), uf.MP, d+VS (H), PPP (EX) (368 dmg / 571 stun) (OPTIMAL w/ CONSISTENCY)

: (VT1) Corner Knuckle to Reset Foundations :
enemy in corner: [HP], MP, c.HP > KK-PP (EX), VT (1), d+VS (H) … (341 dmg / 582 stun – values before follow-ups) (use for setups)



midscreen PP, dash…
N.Tech (+11)
 > HP: -1 BLK, +3 HIT, CC CH (not hard knockdown)
 > f+MP: 2 BLK, +2 HIT, +4 CH
B.Tech (+16)
 > HK: 2 BLK, +4 HIT, +22 CH (CC) (can dash, MP…)
None (+70)
> HK (whiff), LK (whiff), HK:1 BLK, +5 HIT, +7 CH (can dash, MP … ) (NEW!)
 > c.HK (whiff), dash, HK: -2 BLK, +4 HIT, +22 CH (CC) (can dash, MP…)

midscreen PP (DP), dash, c.HK… (covers both Tech Options – best used with VT cancel)
N.Tech (-8/KD/CC) (need VT or decent punish)
B.Tech (-3/KD/CC) (“safe” vs most things)
None (+32)
 > dash, HK: -2 BLK, +4 HIT, +22 CH (CC) (can dash, MP…)

corner PP (DP), dash, f+MP…
N.Tech: -2 BLK, +2 HIT, +4 CH
B.Tech: +3 BLK, +7 HIT, +9 CH
None (+86)
 > c.MP (whiff), HK: -2 BLK, +4 HIT, +22 CH (CC) (can dash, MP…)

c.HK (Sweep), dash…
N.Tech: MP: +3 BLK, +9 HIT, +11 CH
B.Tech: MK: +4 BLK, +6 HIT, +8 CH

f+MP+PP (EX Fireball)
N.Tech (+50)
 > LK, uf.HK (safe jump vs 4F reversals)(use MK in corner for safe jump crossup)
B.Tech (+55)
 > uf (empty jump), land HK: -2 BLK, +4 HIT, +22 CH (CC) (can dash, MP…)
None (+108)

PPP (EX DP), dash, dash…
N.Tech (+2)
B.Tech (+7)
 > dash, dash, MK: +3 BLK, +5 HIT, +7 CH
None (+61)

corner PPP (EX DP), MK (whiff), f+MP…
N.Tech: 3 BLK, +1 HIT, +3 CH
B.Tech: +2 BLK, +6 HIT, +8 CH
None (+25)
> c.MP (whiff), HK: -3 BLK, +3 HIT, +21 CH (CC)

d+VS, f+MP …
None: +1 BLK, +5 HIT, +7 CH

d+VS (H), [HP] (whiff), f+MP …
None: +3* BLK, +7* HIT, +9* CH (Note: Extremely hard to get perfect timing. Assume +2 / +6 / + 8)

d+VS (H), PP (DP) (whiff), dash, f+MP …
None: +2 BLK, +6 HIT, +8 CH
(Note: For use when you know PP whiffs – out of juggle points)


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