tragic’s SFV: Ed Reference Guide (CE)

Welcome to the Ed Reference Guide for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. The goal is to create a simple reference point to help you refine your game and hopefully teach you something new. It isn’t meant to be an end-all “how-to-play” guide for Ed, or even include the absolute 100% most-optimal combo in every single situation, but more so serve a reference for his core fundamentals.

Of course, I’ll also make sure there are lots of cool tricks and setups as well. Have fun!

NOTE: Currently being updated for Champion Edition.


  • 01.05.20: Added Core Anti-Airs
  • 01.02.20: Added Core Frame Kills
  • 12.26.19: Added basic V-Trigger combos.
  • 12.25.19: Started work on Champion Edition updates!


[HP]: Psycho Knuckle (Hold HP)

VS1: Psycho Snatcher / V-Skill (MP+MK)
d+VS1: Psycho Snatcher Air / Upwards V-Skill (d+MP+MK)
VS1 (H) / d+VS1 (H): Psycho Snatcher “HOLD” Variants

VS2: Psycho Swing / Spinning Blow V-Skill (MP+MK)
d+VS2: Psycho Smash / Uppercut V-Skill (d+MP+MK)
VS2 (H) / d+VS2 (H): Swing/Blow “HOLD” Variants

VT1: Psycho Cannon V-Trigger 1 (HP+HK)
VT2: Enhanced Snatcher / V-Trigger 2 (HP+HK)
VT2(A): V-Trigger 2 ACTIVATION
VT2(S): V-Trigger 2 SNATCHER

CH: Counter Hit
CC: Crush Counter


Ed has a core set of combos that have many different variations. Instead of listing them all, I’ve generally included the most consistent options that you should practice (or at least know they exist). In many cases, I’ve listed a few key variations so you can compare the DAMAGE and STUN versus the execution and meter cost.

Special-case combos and/or higher-execution combos will be listed in a different section. As either a new Ed player or a veteran, having the core combos down first will give you a solid foundation!

: Core Combos :

– Basic 4F Punish –
LP > Flicker (102/205) (add SUPER for 374/205)
NOTE: This is a must-have combo in your arsenal due to being Ed’s primary 4f punish which confirms into SUPER. It’s also good because it leaves you +3 on hit and -2 on block.

– Low Hit Confirm –
c.LK-c.LP-c.LP > Flicker (127/294) (add SUPER for 331/294)
NOTE: An excellent option for pressuring low when looking for a confirm into Flicker and potentially SUPER as well. The c.LK and first c.LP must be “chained” together, but the second c.LP can be “linked” or “chained”. Basically, just do the sequence as fast as possible for the “chain”. As mentioned in the previous example, Flicker is +3 on hit and 2 on block.

– Standard Options –
For larger openings (6f or more), the options below deal much more damage. All of them are pretty straightforward. Variants are listed so that you can compare the DAMAGE and STUN.

MP, c.HP > KK-P (221/385)
MP, c.HP > PP (228/355) (SUPER for 495/355)
MP, c.HP > KK-PP, d+VS1 (288/475) | d+VS2 (270/445)
MP, c.HP > KK-PP, PP (300/475)
NOTE: Jump HP/HK adds 50-60 DMG and 90-100 STUN depending on combo. Psycho Upper ender is also the easiest to confirm into SUPER and requires much less input than Psycho Flicker (which also cancels to SUPER).

: “The Ed Corner Combo” :

A cornerstone of Ed play, his corner combo is relatively easy and very useful. Always use LP Shot in corner combos. It is the most reliable and gives the most amount of hitstun. The only reason this combo gets its own section is because of how ubiquitous it is with Ed play.

– “The Ed Corner Combo” –
MP, c.HP > f+MP-LP, c.MK > PP (297/483) (add SUPER for 462/483)
NOTE: Jump-in HP/HK for 346/568 (add SUPER for 511/568)

: Crush Counter Combos :

– CC HK Basic Options –
, dash LP > KK-P (197/366)
CC HK, dash LP > KK-PP, PP (263/441) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: These variants work anywhere on screen on any character. In the corner, when spending meter on KK-PP, be sure to Psycho Upper as soon as the KK-PP hits. Using dash LP-LP can also help confirm but you run the risk of pushing the opponent too far away for the KK-PP to hit.

– Corner CC HK Alternate Option –
CC HK, dash LP > f+MP-PP > PP (275/457) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: This version does slightly more damage than the corner basic option and is actually easier for some players. If you plan on spending meter in the corner, it’s worth learning this variation.

– CC HK EX V-Skill Enders –
CC HK, dash LP > f+MP-PP, d+VS1 (265/457)
CC HK, dash LP > f+MP-PP, d+VS2 (250/432)
NOTE: These are variants if you wish to end with either V-Skill. However, the PP ender still does more damage. d+VS1 is a solid finisher as it only does 10 less damage than the Corner Alternate Option and grants a hard knockdown as well as some V-Trigger. The d+VS1 ender will work on every character as long as the CC HK isn’t max range (just inside jump range).

– CC HK Basic Super Options –
CC HK, dash LP > Flicker > SUPER (380/314) | (359/375 – with 2 LP)
NOTE: The same 2x LP method can be used into the Flicker variant but it will actually lower the damage. If you know you are close enough, opt for the very easy PP > SUPER for easy high damage.

– CC HK Advanced Option –
CC HK, microwalk, c.HP > KK-PP, PP (303/505) | d+VS1 (295/505) | d+VS2 (278/480)
CC HK, microwalk, c.HP > PP > SUPER (442/405)
NOTE: For this to work, the CC HK must be done relatively close (no farther than 1-backdash distance away). This combo is not recommended because if you miss the c.HP, you lose all damage.

– CC c.HP Basic Psycho Knuckle –
[HP], Flicker (232/405) | (add SUPER for 436/405)
NOTE: If you are guaranteed the CC c.HP (i.e. you are not “fishing” with c.HP f+MP), this variant does excellent damage and can combo Flicker to SUPER.

– CC c.HP > f+MP “Fishing” Variant –
> f+MP (whiff), PP (192/300) | (add SUPER for 423/300)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP-PP, dash PP (278/439) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: A standard tactic with Ed is to “fish” for Crush Counters using c.HP > f+MP which will cancel the c.HP into a Psycho Spark. If the c.HP scores a counterhit, the opponent will sail over the f+MP which allows many simple follow-ups.

– Corner CC c.HP Guaranteed Option –
CC c.HP, d+VS1 > f+MP-PP > microwalk, PP (315/481)
CC c.HP, d+VS1 > KK-PP > PP (303/465)
NOTE: When CC c.HP is guaranteed (after a missed reversal), d+VS1 in the corner will hit. Both variations do solid damage, but the KK-PP variant is the most consistent due to the d+VS1 forcing a side-switch sometimes. KK-PP will hit no matter which side they land on without additional input. f+MP-PP will need to be performed the other way if a switch happens.

: V-Skill Starter Combos :

Both V-Skills can be used to start combos to varying degrees of success. It’s good to know the most consistent / standard options for each even though there are may be higher damaging options available. Additionally, the options below are not the trickiest and in some cases, not the most damaging.

– Psycho Snatcher (d+VS1) –
VS1 (H)
, KK-P (221/170)
VS1 (H), KK-PP, PP (313/275)
VS1 (H), f+MP-PP, dash PP (329/297) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: When doing the KK-P or KK-PP follow-ups, practice performing the KK late so that when you need to KK-PP into Psycho Upper for damage, you won’t go underneath the opponent.

– Corner Psycho Snatcher “Double” Variant (d+VS1) –
back to wall VS1 (H), dash under, f+MP-PP, d+VS1 (H), PP (373/352)
NOTE: This is an excellent combo when you’ve dizzied the opponent in the corner with a throw or a single hit. Big damage for only 1 meter. If you dizzied the opponent with multiple hits, it may be smarter to just throw them into the corner or perform another “Ed Corner Combo”.

– Psycho Smash (d+VS2) –
d+VS2 (H)
, uf.MP, d+VS2 (209/290) | PP (249/330 – tighter timing)
d+VS2 (H), uf.MP, PP (249/330) | (add SUPER for 480/330)
d+VS2 (H), f+MP-PP, PP (276/375) (f+MP will whiff but EX Shot hits) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: When using the uf.MP follow-up, wait a split second before jumping so that when you land, the d+VS2 won’t go underneath the opponent. If you aren’t 100% sure on your timing, simply omit the uf.MP and just Psycho Upper instead for (198/255).

: Counter-Hit (CH) Combos :

– Point Blank CH c.MP (or LP, or c.LP) –
(+7f), MP, c.MK > PP (250/395)
NOTE: The initial c.MP must hit point blank. Also, CH LP and CH c.LP are both +7f and link into the same combo.

– MP “Fishing” –
MP, c.HK (153/255)
NOTE: An exceptionally good trip combo when you hit a counterhit MP from a distance. It doesn’t work from max range, but it’s very effective when poking from a distance. Learn to recognize the counterhit and then c.HK!

– CH LP Conversions –
LP, c.MK > Flicker (145/294) | PP (177/294) | KK-P (170/324)
CH LP, c.MK > KK-PP, PP (249/414)
NOTE: CH LP into c.MK is a much-less used link, but it’s good to know if you aren’t point blank but you still score a counter.

: Anti-Air Combos :

– Rising – EX Splash Options –
KK-PP, PP (218/310)
KK-PP, d+VS1 (202/310) | d+VS2 (178/270)
NOTE: Very reliable anti-air options. If you aren’t sure about the Psycho Upper finisher, utilize your V-Skill (both work).

– Rising – EX Splash – Psycho Cannon –
KK-PP, VT1, [HP] (244/355)
NOTE: Unless you are using KK-PP into VT1 for a setup (or hard knockdown with d+VS1 after 1-hit of VT1), this really isn’t worth it.

– Psycho Smash – Flicker – Super –
d+VS2, Flicker > SUPER (414/235)
NOTE: While not completely recommended, this is an interesting anti-air variant that can transition into a SUPER. It’s good to know!

– Psycho Smash Cancel – Enhanced Snatcher  –
d+VS2 > VT2(A) , uf.MP, d+VS2 > d+VT2(S) (211/305) (add SUPER for 366/305)
NOTE: A very simple anti-air solution when using VS2 and VT2. Additional damage can be done by replacing the second d+VS2 with Psycho Upper, but this version requires a higher initial d+VS2 hit to work consistently.

: Bonus EX Psycho Shot Conversions :

EX Psycho Shot converts into a variety of finishers depending on your distance to the opponent. However, in a juggle, Psycho Knuckle and Psycho Upper will always if done properly. This is important because d+VS1 / d+VS2 can potentially miss and cost you big damage.

[HP], f+MP-PP, [HP] (295/447) | dash PP (309/447)
VS1 (H), f+MP-PP, [HP] (315/297) | dash PP (329/297)
CC c.HP > f+MP (whiff), f+MP-PP, [HP] (266/439) | dash PP (278/439)
NOTE: The bottom option is a repeat of the “Standard Crush Counter Combo” listed in the section above. Listed again for completeness.

: Core V-Trigger Conversions :

Converting hits into V-Trigger activation can often turn the momentum in your favor… or even squeeze out enough extra damage to finish a round. This section is specifically for those conversions. More specific and in-depth V-Trigger combos will be listed under their primary starter. Remember, this section is only about converting specific hits into knockdowns by utilizing Ed’s V-Triggers!

– CH MP “Fishing” – Psycho Cannon (VT1) –
CH MP, MK > f+VT1, uf.MP, d+VS (H), PP (310/435) | (add SUPER for 475/435)
NOTE: Ed can easily convert a CH MP into MK > f+VT1 for solid damage. It’s not worth finishing with PPP as it only does 6 additional damage.

– Low Light Chain – Psycho Cannon (VT1) –
c.LK-LP > f+VT1, uf.MP, d+VS (H), PP (222/358) | (add SUPER for 387/358)
NOTE: A versatile option when dashing in with a low or empty jumping into a low, Ed converts to f+VT1 for a decent amount of damage. While not spectacular, it can definitely steal a round or at least get you back on the offensive.

– 3f Light Starter – Psycho Cannon (VT1) –
LK-LP > f+VT1, uf.MP, d+VS (H), PP (232/358) | (add SUPER for 397/358)
NOTE: Both LK and LK-LP work as a solid way to get into f+VT1. When extremely close, LK-LP will give you a 3f starter and chain confirm before you activate f+VT1. This often works for interrupts and on wakeup in no-tech scenarios (which tends to alter player’s okizemi timings).

– Low Light Chain > Flicker – Enhanced Snatcher (VT2) –
c.LK-LP > Flicker > VT2(A), c.HP > PP > d+VT2(S) (197/393) | (add SUPER for 352/358)
c.LK-LP > Flicker > VT2(A), c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP (188/386) | (add SUPER for 353/386)
NOTE: There are many variants of this conversion. The suggested version does good damage with only 1 additional use of the Enhanced Snatcher (which drains the time remaining on the V-Trigger). You can get corner carry by using c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > Psycho Upper but you will do less overall damage for the same amount of V-Trigger usage. Also keep in mind that using another d+VT2(S) after the final Psycho Upper is basically a waste of V-Trigger meter (not recommended!).

– Low MK > Flicker – Enhanced Snatcher (VT2) –
c.MK > Flicker > VT2(A), c.HP > PP > d+VT2(S) (234/415) | (add SUPER for 389/415)
c.MK > Flicker > VT2(A), c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP (227/413) | (add SUPER for 392/413)
NOTE: This is a near identical scenario to the c.LK-LP > Flicker conversion except it is done off c.MK (which hits from farther away). It does a bit more damage and stun, but everything else is the same.

: Core V-Trigger 1 (Psycho Cannon) Combos/Setups :

Psycho Cannon is an interesting V-Trigger because it doesn’t really enhance damage all that much. If you compare a core 1-meter combo with a traditional VT1 combo, you’ll notice the damage is nearly the same. What it does do, however, is allow easy conversions to knockdowns and side-switches – something that has proven very important in SFV.

Another strength of VT1 is that it can create quite a few mixup opportunities. For now, I’ll list list the basic VT1 combos/setups you should know. Anything more advanced will be covered in another section.

– Basic VT1 Combo –
MP, c.HP > VT1, uf.MP, d+VS1 (H), PP (307/460) (add SUPER for 472/460)
NOTE: Delay the uf.MP so that it hits on the way down. This will allow a full charged d+VS1 (H) to connect. Keep in mind that this combo will sideswitch unless you perform the d+VS1 (H) late.

– Standard VT1 50/50 Setup –
MP, c.HP > KK-PP, VT1, d+VS1 (H) (260/427)
NOTE: After KK-PP, the VT1 activation will hit one time and allow a full charged d+VS1 (H). If done too early, the Snatcher will switch sides. The goal is to pull the opponent down in front of you, then dash 3x to setup a left/right mixup with HK (corpse hop), uf.LK (crossover), or neutral jump which makes the opponent think you are trying to crossover, then you can hit with falling MP as the VT1 hits and continue from there.

– VS Crouch VT1 50/50 Setup –
MP, MP > VT1, dash MP, uf.LK… (mixup)
NOTE: This setup only works against crouching opponents at close range. It’s best used when you’ve dizzied the opponent with multiple hits and you want a reset scenario. Start with an ideal-range [HP] (1 char backdash distance). then MP, MP > VT1, and quickly fash forward and stand MP again. The moment it hits, hold up-forward and the VT1 will pop the opponent into the air. Hit your uf.LK on the way down, then decide to walk under the opponent, or stay in front. In both cases, use MP, c.HP to start the reset.

: Core V-Trigger 2 (Enhanced Snatcher) Combos :

– Conversion: Low MK > Flicker – Enhanced Snatcher (VT2) –
c.MK > Flicker > VT2(A), c.HP > PP > d+VT2(S) (234/415)
c.MK > Flicker > VT2(A), c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP (227/413)
NOTE: These the same conversions listed in the V-Trigger Conversions section. It’s important to know both of these options and c.LK-LP > Flicker variant as well. It isn’t recommended to use additional VT2 Activations because the damage is negligible and you want extra “pre-activated” time so you can go for bigger damage and pressure. Also note that using SUPER as a finisher is not recommended as it is 3 bars for about 150 extra damage. Unless it is going to kill, save it!

– Pre-Activated: Core Combo – Enhanced Snatcher (VT2)  –
c.MK > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP, d+VT2(S)* (327/493)
MP, c.HP > f+MP-MP > VT2(S), c.MP > PP, d+VT2(S)* (363/563)
NOTE: If your VT2 is already active, both options will do decent damage and give quite a bit of corner carry. Using the second d+VT2(A) after the Psycho Upper will net about ~30 additional damage at the cost of reducing the V-Trigger timer.


Ed has solid anti-air options all around. He has additional options depending on which combination of V-Skill and V-Trigger he has equipped. On top of that, with meter he can really extend his anti-air damage. While it’s probably not worth listing every single potential anti-air, I’ll list the core stuff you need to know so you can experiment yourself.

Options will be listed in order of their meter cost. 0: meaning no meter is required, 1: meaning 1 meter is required, and so on.

– Universal –
0: j.LK (40/70) (usually up/back)
0: MK (70/100)
0: c.HP (7080/150)
0: KK-P (113/190)
1: KK-PP, PP (218/310) (RECOMMENDED!)
2: KK-PP, PPP (234/350)

– VS1 –
0: d+VS1 (100/150) (+10 on CH)
1: KK-PP, d+VS1 (202/310) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: When using VS1, it’s highly recommended to use KK-PP, d+VS1 as your anti-air of choice. It gives a hard knockdown (+14), longer carry, and V-Trigger buildup, for only 16 less damage.

– VT1 –
1: KK-PP, VT1 (all bounces), [H] (244/355) (RECOMMENDED!)
2: KK-PP, VT1 (all bounces), PPP (264/380)
2: KK-PP, VT1 (1 bounce), PP (4 bounces), dash PPP (300/423) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: With practice, you should be able to consistently get the 2-meter option with the single-bounce followed by an early Psycho Knuckle which knocks the opponent back into the Psycho Cannon. This scores a solid amount of damage and is worth practicing. The simple 1-meter variant is exceptionally easy.

– VS1/VT1 –
1: KK-PP, VT1 (1 bounce), d+VS1 (184/283) (leads to ground pressure)
1: KK-PP, VT1 (1 bounce), d+VS1(H), PP (222/318) (side switch)
NOTE: These are interesting variants of the VT1 combos mentioned above. Realistically you sacrifice damage for setups/ground-pressure, so it may not be worth it to you. These are listed here to let you know they work.

– VS2 –
0: d+VS2, Flicker (142/235) (RECOMMENDED!)
3: d+VS2, Flicker > SUPER (414/235) (RECOMMENDED!)
NOTE: d+VS2 works well as an anti-air as long as you don’t charge it. You get an easy Flicker conversion for the highest no-meter damage and an option to cancel into SUPER if you have the meter. While you can use VS2 after KK-PP, it’s not really worth the meter (about 36 dmg for 1 meter).

– VT2 –
1: KK-PP, VT2(A), PP > d+VT2(S) (244/355) (unreliable)
NOTE: Listing for completeness. Not worth the drop!

– VS2/VT2 –
0: d+VS2 > VT2(A), uf.MP, d+VS2 > d+VT2(S) (211/306)
0: d+VS2 > VT2(A), PP > d+VT2(S) (214/295) (RECOMMENDED!)
0: d+VS2 > VT2(A), uf.MP, PP > d+VS2(S) (241/335) (unreliable)
1: KK-PP, VT2(A), d+VS2 > d+VT2(S) (214/325)
1: KK-PP, d+VS2 > VT2(A), VS2 > d+VT2(S) (253/380)
3: d+VS2 > VT2(A), uf.MP, d+VS2 > d+VT2(S) > SUPER (366/306)
3: d+VS2 > VT2(A), PP > d+VT2(S) > SUPER (369/295) (RECOMMENDED!)
3: d+VS2 > VT2(A), uf.MP, PP > d+VS2 > SUPER (396/335) (unreliable)
NOTE: d+VS2 with VT2 cancel provides a lot of options here. That being said, it’s best to stick to the basics as the easy versions of combos do solid and reliable damage with a low execution cost.

– VS2/VT1 –
1: KK-PP, VT1 (1 bounce), d+VS2(H), VS2 (4 bounces) (247/356)
NOTE: This combo uses the VT1 1-bounce / 4 bounce from previous combos for both style and damage. It may not be worth it to you, but it certainly looks cool!

– VS1/VT2 –
1: KK-PP, VT2(A), d+VS1 (182/280)
NOTE: This combo isn’t about the damage as it actually reduces how much d+VS1 does due to the VT2 activation scaling. However, it’s a neat way to get a hard knockdown and VT2 pre-activated for your follow-up pressure.


Much like his core combos, Ed also core framekills/setups. For reference, a framekill is a sequence of moves that leave you at a specific advantage (or disadvantage) that is different from typical scenarios.

For example: Ed’s Psycho Spark (f+MP) is -2 when blocked. However, when finishing a combo with Psycho Upper (PP) in the corner, if you dash forward and then f+MP, you can cover both tech options and be only -1 on Neutral Tech, and +4 on Back Tech. Of course, if the opponent stays down and opts to automatically get up at hte latest timing, there are options for that too. This list will cover the core framekills you should learn asap!

: Psycho Upper (PP) – Framekills :

– Midscreen –
PP, dash, HK (BL: -4 NT, -2 BT) | (CH: +20 NT | +22 BT)
NOTE: Against neutral-tech, this setup will get you killed. It’s only if you find that your opponent back techs consistently or always wakes up with a button. Against a neutral tech, you are at the same advantage on hit (+2) and disadvantage on block (-4) had you just done a HK point blank – punishable when blocked. Use this setup sparingly. As an alternative to HK, you can also dash, HP if you expect a neutral tech. This will leave you -1 – safer than a typical point blank HP.

– Corner –
PP, dash, f+MP (BL: -1 NT, +4 BT) | (CH: +4 NT, +9 BT)
NOTE: This is the classic Ed corner setup using Psycho Spark. It’s safe no matter which tech the opponent choses, unless of course they wakeup reversal (EX or SUPER). On hit or block, you can decide to throw the follow-up Psycho Shot for additional pressure, but keep in mind the fact that the Psycho Shot on block is punishable (-4). On hit, the Psycho Spark will be +2, so you’ll want to learn to recognize it so you can throw the Shot for +4 and a follow-up conversion using LP.

: Sweep (c.HK) – Framekills :

– Midscreen/Corner (Non Crush-Counter c.HK) –
vs 3F: c.HK, dash, delay, MP (BL: +3 NT, +3 BT | CH: +11 NT, +11 BT)
vs 4F: c.HK, dash, MK (BL: +2 NT, +4 BT) | (CH: +6 NT, +8 BT)
NOTE: After a non CC Sweep (c.HK), Ed is in an interesting situation because he doesn’t really have a single frame-perfect option to cover both neutral and back tech against a 3f character. If you understand the tendencies of your opponents, you can plan for it, otherwise it’s better to use just one option and manual time the MP to cover both techs. Of course, against 4f characters, you can always use MK.

– Midscreen/Corner (Crush Counter c.HK) –
CC c.HK, jump up (or) jump over, dash (+6/+7) (RECOMMENDED!)
CC c.HK, jump up (or) jump over, dash, c.HP > f+MP (BL: -2)
CC c.HK, dash 2x, c.MP (whiff), f+MP (BL: +4 | CH: +9)
CC c.HK, dash 4x, MP (+3) (+4 with no MP) (high execution)
NOTE: Since Crush Counter c.HK is a hard knockdown – basically it forces a single wakeup timing – Ed is heavily in control. He can opt for basically any follow-up he wants and ensure the best-possible frame advantage without worrying about different wakeups.

As a special note, both empty jump options give great advantage and allow you to both pick the side AND go for a Crush Counter. Neutral Jump, dash is +6, and Jump Forward (over), dash is +7. This sets up both a meaty MP (+4/+5) or a c.HP > f+MP CC “Fish”. The c.HP option will beat 3f wakeup normals and score a Crush Counter combo. Not bad!

: Psycho Snatcher Air (d+VS1) Okizeme :

– Midscreen/Corner –
d+VS1, f+MP (+2 BL | +7 CH)
NOTE: Psycho Snatcher Air (d+VS1) is always a hard knockdown that leaves Ed at +14. Pressuring with Psycho Spark after the knockdown will always leave Ed at an advantage, even on block (+2). On block, feel free to c.LP > Flicker for pressure. If the opponent wakes up with a button, Ed will be +7 and you can c.MK > PP or even c.MK > KK-PP, d+VS1 to setup the same scenario again! Of course, keep in mind that d+VS1 doesn’t hit against all characters in corner.