TK7 Geese Howard Mini-Guide

Hi all!

I’m back playing Tekken and have been really enjoying Geese Howard. During my experimentation / lab-work, I started taking a ton of notes. Due to all the writing, I decided to compile them into an easy-to-read mini-guide for people just starting out or who might needed a refresher.

I have pages of more advanced notes on the way, but for now, please enjoy this mini-guide. Special thanks goes out to Applay for creating and joongai for linking the original Anna version and inspiring me to do the same for Geese!

TK7 Geese Howard Mini-Guide

Welcome to Fight Element

Finally decided to turn this thing on and post a few things. Who knows how long it will remain interesting… it could be a week, or a few years (or probably somewhere in-between). Anyway, thanks for stopping in!